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JRW Builders Inc.


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JRW Builders

Energy efficient, leak-free roofs is what we provide to our Chicago land and surrounding businesses!

  • No Leak, No Seams  All roof repairs and restorations are completed with durable acrylics that are applied in liquid form to prevent future leaks.
  • Full Warranty Coverage  Some of the custom roofing systems we exclusively install come with a renewable, non-prorated warranty that covers both labor and materials for up to 20 years.
  • Save Money  Our total coverage restoration systems reflect the sun to reduce roof surface temperatures up to 80 degrees, which reduces A/C costs to 50%.
  • 50+ Years of Expertise  You can trust the long track record behind JRW Builders to fix any roof problem. Our roofing systems 2+ billion sq. ft. nationwide.
  • Non-Prorated Guarantee  We do not offer deceptive prorated warranties that are so common in the roofing industry. If a problem occurs, it is covered 100%
  • Weatherproof  The custom roofing systems we install provide strong protection of your building against hail and withstand strong winds.