Do you have a leak, but can’t find the source?

leak-investigation-repairLeak investigations assist us in determining the cause and origin of water entering into the building’s interior from the roof surface. This investigation type also helps determine whether or not it’s a roof leak. Knowing the difference can save you money. Some leaks are obvious, for example a constant drip that originates from ponded water on the roof or tears in the field of the membrane. Then there are other types that are much harder to determine without the aid of professionals and equipment. Our professionals perform a visual inspection of the problem area and decide the type of testing that will be required to determine exactly what needs to be done to fix your leak. One type of testing we offer is Infrared Moisture Detection of the area in question. The type of test required will depend upon your specific situation.

Finding and eliminating leak sources will save the roof and save you money! Unresolved issues like leaks can become very expensive and lead to excessive damage of the roof system and damaged assets. However, being proactive with your roof system and resolving leaks before they become a major problem will minimize the damage to your roof system, building, and assets. Additional benefits include reduced repair and replacement costs. Just another way we work hard to tailor our products and service to your individual needs!

Infrared Moisture Detection

What it is?

Infrared Thermography is a scientifically validated method for evaluating roof condition. Wet roof insulation will absorb more solar heat than dry insulation. During the day the wet insulation within the roof will absorb heat and at night the solar heat is slowly released. The solar heat that is being released can be detected with infrared camera equipment. This method of detection also penetrates through the roof surface and each of the various layers that make up a roofs system. It helps us to determine whether or not your roof is absorbing water and becoming trapped within.

How will we use this to help you?

Wet insulation should ALWAYS be replaced whenever found within a roof system. Infrared Moisture Detection allows us to determine whether your roof is taking on water, the extent of damage if it is, and assists us in determining what products and services will best fulfill your needs.

Just another way we provide our clients with the best we have to offer!